At Evergreen Sporting Arms, we offer a wide range of service options,

from scheduled maintenance to major restorations for your Krieghoff shotgun.

When we work on your Krieghoff, you can be assured that we use only factory original parts fitted to factory specifications. Mike Storeim, our gunsmith, received his training at Krieghoff International under the supervision of Krieghoff service manager, Don Baughman. All new Krieghoff shotguns we sell come with a standard 10-year factory warranty and all new guns come with the first annual service free of charge.


Available Services

Repair work is based on an hourly rate of $90. The cost of parts is additional. There is a flat rate for most regularly performed services, such as the K-80 annual service ($295 for one or two barrels). Please call us for more information on pricing.

Payment is expected at the time service is rendered. We accept MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, and Discover. We will also accept personal checks mailed to us prior to shipping the gun back to you.


Basic Service Check

We recommend a basic service check when purchasing a used Krieghoff or if the gun has been in service for two years or more, depending on the amount it has been shot. A basic service check includes removal of wood, inspection of all working parts for wear and proper timing, complete cleaning and lubrication of receiver, forend iron, and barrel.


Annual Service and Preventative Maintenance

This service includes checking the gun for proper headspace, overcock, sear tolerances, ejectors, hammers, and complete disassembly and replacement of springs as needed throughout the receiver and forend iron. All parts are inspected for wear and minor trigger and timing adjustments are made if needed. The gun is cleaned and lubed. The barrel is tightened to the actions when possible. Replacement of broken or badly worn parts is available, at additional cost. The K-80 Annual Service is $295 (1 or 2 Bbl.); K-32 Annual Service is $375 (1 or 2 Bbl.); KX-5 and KX-6 Annual Service is $175 and KS-5 Annual Service is $195. Annual services require the entire gun be sent to ensure complete and guaranteed service.


Barrel Work

Evergreen Sporting Arms performs barrel service including replacing sights, point of impact adjustment, and fitting barrels to your receiver.


Trigger Service

We can adjust the weight of pull, pre-travel or creep, engagement, safety, and selecting on your trigger. Factory-specified trigger pull weight on K-80 trap and skeet guns is three-and-one-half pounds for the bottom barrel and four pounds for top barrel. Sporting gun specs are four pounds for both barrels. K-80 RT models are also four pounds for both barrels. We will adjust your triggers as close to your needs as possible while maintaining operational safety of the gun. We can also fit and install titanium trigger shoes.


Other Service Work

Krieghoff International has a special line of gold inlay top latches and trigger guards that can be installed on your gun. Birds, hunting dogs, broken targets, eagles and American flags are all available in top latches and trigger guards in nickel, nitride, and blue finishes. Personalize your gun with your initials in gold on a special trigger guard, or add a gold target top latch just for a little added style.


Packing and Shipping

Your gun should be sent in a protective case within a cardboard box. Proper packing material should be used to ensure that the gun cannot shake, rattle, or move around in the box at all. Make sure to insure each package for the full value of the gun. On return shipping, next-day and second-day delivery service are available at extra cost. An adult signature is required when the gun is delivered.

NOTE: Remove all aerosol cans such as gun oil spray cans prior to shipping a gun to Evergreen Sporting Arms. Aerosol cans fall under hazardous materials and although not illegal to ship it currently runs an extra $30 for the special labeling and handling of packages required by law and charged by common carriers. If we find aerosol cans with any guns, we will remove them without further notification and without compensation prior to return shipping any guns.

When you send us your gun, the package should have a letter from you included. The letter should be inside the package with the gun and include the following:

1) The serial number of your gun, along with a description of the work needed (or of the problem you are experiencing);

2) Your complete name and street address for return shipping by United Parcel Service or FedEx, and daytime telephone number where you can be reached in the event there are questions regarding your gun; and

3) Please note that BATF regulations only allow us to return the gun to the person who sent it to us. If you use a mailing service, make sure your name is still the first name on the return address. Alternatively, you can have the gun returned to someone else, if that person is an FFL holder and we have a current copy of that FFL in our files prior to shipping.

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